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Donating to NGOs is one of the mechanisms that makes it easier for non-profit entities like ours to obtain economic financing to launch their development programs, thus transforming the lives of other people in situations of poverty and social vulnerability.

Let’s stop opening new paths and start changing the society in which we live by helping those most in need. There is no doubt that you have the power to put an end to situations that create injustice. so that you can take a step in solidarity to build a better world.

What is a donation to an NGO?

It is a tool that inspires civic solidarity, allowing nonprofit organizations to receive funding for projects that help reduce inequality, respond to natural or humanitarian disasters, or help improve conditions for vulnerable populations.

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Fundación Ama Tu Prójimo J-400091276

ABOUT US? The Foundation was born at the initiative of a group of people, volunteers dedicated for more than 50 years to the service of others, together with another non-profit Civil Association, the Jesús de Nazareth Society, with which it maintains close ties, everything which are charitable activities marked by the deepest personal disinterest, since its members carry their own money to carry them out:

Virgin of Guadalupe Charitable Foundation RIF: J-501578532

Hola! Somos FUNDAVIRGUA ( FUNDACIÓN CARITATIVA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE), Somos una organización de caridad que dará comienzo a su labor este 1ro de Noviembre del 2021; brindando asistencia humanitaria a nuestra población larense que sufre escasez de medicamentos, alimentos y productos de primera necesidad

Children's DNC Foundation RIF: J-411556343

"Giving Smiles and Hope" We are a non-profit Foundation that blesses the children of different communities in our Peña Municipality, Yaritagua, Yaracuy state.

Sovenia-CDTA J-00161663-2

"ABOUT US? We are a diagnostic center for children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We offer services for its detection with a biomedical and functional approach, with an emphasis on nutritional aspects, seeking to guarantee a better quality of life.

Fundación Luchemos por la Vida RIF: J-

Let's Fight for Life is a civil association whose main objective is to provide benefits, social, cultural, sports and educational assistance, and financing of specific programs to children and adolescents with HIV-AIDS and other diseases that put their lives at risk, with preferential attention to the strata of the most needy sectors. We are promoters of education and awareness, because through it we faithfully believe that we will raise the indicated barrier, to combat the spread of this disease that is so stigmatized by society.

Foundation neo smile of an angel RIF:J-411258040

We are a non-profit foundation

Apagua Foundation ....... .RIF:J-411700380

We are a non-profit foundation that fights to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Parroquia El Guapo (MIR), especially children whose families are of limited economic resources or are permanently or temporarily going through some difficult situation. . Thus, we have designed various programs to meet needs in terms of food, health, care and education. We trust that many hands, professionals and good hearts will join this initiative and that together we can bring our help to those who need it most.

Venezuelan Foundation grow and smile RIF: J-412871536

We invite you to be part of this Great Family of Caring Mothers and Children with Disabilities HELP US GROW AND SMILE .We work to help the most vulnerable people in collaboration with social entities to reach the maximum number of people in need: children with disabilities, families and people at risk of social exclusion who need support and resources to overcome the most difficult times.

Foundation many blessings to you Rif: J - 500625189

The Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing health and recreation programs in order to improve, enrich and contribute to the quality of life of the most disadvantaged. We carry out medical assistance sessions donating medicines and food to the most vulnerable, achieving smiles and blessings.

Tricolor Love Foundation . .. RIF: J- 413178109

The Tricolor of Love Foundation is a non-profit organization, social and welfare nature, created in 2018, in order to provide support integral and solidary to people vulnerable in our community. Having as principles the love, the human quality and the spirit of service we generate mechanisms of medical support, care and comprehensive social care contribute to improving the quality of lives of children, adults and the elderly low financial resources. The foundation channels its commitment social, from three activities:

Foundation Helping with Armando . .. RIF: J-195328400

Waiting for information from the organization

Mamá Chia Foundation . .. RIF: J-502323457

Fundación Mamá Chia is a non-profit organization with a high purpose in social and solidarity work. With principles that promote universal brotherhood and love of brother. We started the activities and social work on April 18, 2019, in honor of Silvia González de González "Mamá Chia" a being of light, spiritual, wonderful, with great human warmth who dedicated her existence to helping many people and impact positively to those of us who had the honor of meeting her.

Foundation for Social Welfare.. RIF: J-406701696

About us? It is a non-profit organization with legal personality that was born on the 14th of August 2015 in the city of Valencia, edo. Carabobo, Venezuela; the It was born as an initiative of a group of professional Venezuelans trained to address the problems of women, men, boys, girls and adolescents in a state of ABANDONMENT, ABUSE, ALCOHOLISM AND/OR DRUGS for their rehabilitation and subsequent reintegration into society.

AserPaís Foundation.. RIF: J-50049596-0

About us? We are a non-profit organization in charge of carrying out health, education and community integration initiatives. Our mission is focused on contributing to the development of society through access to quality education and health, promoting actions that promote the well-being of each of the people involved.