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💕 Love. 💕 Faith.  💕 Solidarity.
💕 Compassion. 💕 Integrity.
💕 Justice.

The Tricolor de Amor Foundation is a non-profit organization of a social and assistance nature, created in 2018, with the aim of providing comprehensive support and solidarity to vulnerable people in our community.

✨ vision ✨

Being a benchmark in the field health and comprehensive care low-income people economic in the territory national, especially in the treatment of hydrocephalus.


Provide support in terms of comprehensive health and care low-income people financial, contributing with your physical well-being and your quality of life.

Our work.


It provides financial resources, supplies, guidance and personalized attention to children diagnosed with hydrocephalus.

social work visits

Design and carry out direct intervention actions in vulnerable populations, stories such as: social work visits in shelters and the elderly; care for older adults in a situation of abandonment and feeding days in the street.


It mobilizes voluntary human resources to carry out each and every one of the activities that we organize.

Personal satisfaction:

Para hacer esto posible, generamos conexiones con organizaciones públicas y privadas que, al conocer los casos y las situaciones a las que nos enfrentamos –solidariamente– aportan su granito de arena, brindando recursos económicos y humanos que favorecen la materialización de nuestros objetivos y resultados.

We support children, youth and seniors to reach their full potential



 Caracas  Venezuela

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