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💕 Love. 💕 Faith.  💕 Solidarity.
💕 Compassion. 💕 Integrity.
💕 Justice.

✨ vision ✨

Provide comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual care to children of all communities, promoting values ​​of justice, equal opportunities, Love and compassion for others



To develop activities and means that allow to equip children with food, health, education, attention, care, shelter, promoting sensitivity in the Society and a culture of initiative and proactivity in the assistance of needs.

our teaching team


Every year we organize vacation plans, Children’s Day Party and Christmas.


With the help of the Team of teachers of Iglesia Dios con Nosotros who take Bible lessons and attend them 1 day a week with recreational activities, crafts, Bible lessons, songs, games and snacks, these activities are carried out in different sectors of the Municipality.


We currently have 2 Community Canteens in the North Zone and in the South Zone that serve 50 most vulnerable children, some of them are weightless. The Project is to inaugurate 3 more Community Dining Rooms in the remaining Zones: East, West and Center and thus cover the entire Peña municipality.


We have directed tasks and a Scholarship program for underprivileged children at Colegio Emmanuel.



During the year, several Social Days are held such as: Vaccination, haircuts, donation of clothing and footwear, they are given a breakfast or lunch and recreational activities.


In case of having a malnourished or sick child, they are treated with medicines and food, it should be noted that these aids are not only for children but we also serve adults. Health Days are also held such as: dentistry, optometry, cytology, pediatrics and others.

Personal satisfaction:

If you feel the need to help and you don’t have time to collaborate personally, this is a good alternative to do your bit. Or it can also be one of the first steps you take and lead towards your own project. The important thing is to be aware and consistent: help as much as you can and where it costs you.

We support children, youth and seniors to reach their full potential

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