Foundation for Social Welfare

«The Foundation for Social Welfare: Transforming Lives, creating a lasting impact in our communities.»
«Joining forces to build a fairer and more equitable future for all»

About us? It is a non-profit  organization with legal personality that was born on the 14th of August 2015 in the city of Valencia, edo. Carabobo, Venezuela; the It was born as an initiative of a group of professional Venezuelans trained to address the problems of women, men, boys, girls and adolescents in a state of ABANDONMENT, ABUSE, ALCOHOLISM AND/OR DRUGS for their rehabilitation and subsequent reintegration into society.

Mission and Vision


Establish means of liaison between individuals and/or legal entities of a public or private nature, as well as with institutions that are related to addressing problems of ABANDONMENT, MISTREATMENT, ALCOHOLISM AND/OR DRUGS in women, men, boys, girls and adolescents.


Promote the right of all people, especially children and youth, to enjoy a dignified and full life with equal opportunities, based on the comprehensive development of individual and collective capacities as a means to transform society.


Disseminate the importance of collective well-being, focusing on the individual as the fundamental basis of values and the family.

Specific objectives:

1 -Generate spaces for the comprehensive care of women, men, boys, girls and adolescents in a state of ABANDONMENT, MISTREATMENT, ALCOHOLISM AND/OR DRUGS, in the communities.

2 –Promote and encourage initiatives in favor of prevention to avoid situations of helplessness and individual or family vulnerability.

3- Help organizations with complementary purposes to the work carried out by our organization.

Foundation for Social Welfare
Foundation for Social Welfare

- Principios

1 – Respect for human life.

2 – Collaboration and solidarity are our engines.

3 – Simplicity is our great virtue.


1 – Commitment: our highest value, the one that guides us and drives us to carry out our social work.
2 – Respect: we trust people and have a high regard for them; We believe that the fundamental strength and vitality of our work lies in the human factor.
3 – Teamwork: Those of us who are part of the team have complementary skills and knowledge, we share a single vision, objectives and common approaches, for which we consider ourselves mutually responsible. To achieve maximum efficiency in the realization of our mission.
4 – Integrity: the members profess an adherence to moral principles, reflecting the highest ethical and moral sense in any situation. During the execution of our daily work we act in good faith and without ulterior motives.

Foundation for Social Welfare

-What do we do?

How to Collaborate?

FUNDABIS was created and has grown thanks to the contribution of people, companies and institutions that have believed in it, and have given their grain of sand for the work we carry out.
We invite you or your company to be part of this very special family of friends and collaborators of FUNDABIS. Review the options that we put at your disposal so that you can collaborate with this great work.

Foundation for Social Welfare
1-3 Years


In this way you can symbolically become the godfather or godmother of one of our children or adolescents, this will give this child or adolescent the opportunity to count on you when for some reason he requires your direct collaboration. In the same way you will be informed of progress and growth.


You can become part of our family by becoming a volunteer «AL FINAL» doing volunteer work in any of the areas (sports, education, culture, music, training, recreation) that you consider could be useful.

FUNDABIS has a group of workers including the president, directors, and administrative staff, as well as a group of volunteers who maintain and contribute to this great effort every day.

Our organizational structure is:


Lcda. Carmen Sanchez

Passionate about her work committed to the proper functioning of the organization


Libeth Gonzalez

Role model woman tireless fighter


Mayka Gonzalez

A transparent and responsible person when delivering the accounts


Eukaris Sanchez

Punctual woman with great discipline


Adais Lara

Consoling loving mother of sorrowful hearts


Karla Gonzalez

Correct and organized


Liliana Srmiento

Successful in everything she does loyal companion

The possible options to collaborate are:

The Nurturing & Caring Environment For Your Child