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For NGOs, raising funds in Venezuela to finance their social projects is a great challenge. In an increasingly technological environment, organizing conventional campaigns can be a great challenge, even more so getting donations, but you have to go further. We cannot forget that the new generations are totally technological. In fact, several journalistic studies affirm that we spend between 2-3 hours a day browsing with our mobile phone. In this context, non-profit organizations must change their focus and look towards marketing. We know that the path is complicated, but also that there are alternatives that, if used properly, can generate valuable results. for your organization Here are some resources that may be of great help to you. For more helpful information on the benefits of fundraising

Who should we be?

This is how we should be: Demonstrating a commitment to change the systems that perpetuate poverty and social injustice. Have a compelling vision to address complex and systemic problems such as poverty, inequality, and social injustice. They are leaders who believe in the power of partnership and demonstrate that belief in the way they work. Recognize the importance of harnessing the wisdom, knowledge, input, and experience of all stakeholders to identify and resolve issues. He is considered a respected leader and provides support to the poor and/or marginalized.

Committed to providing information across the country and even supporting philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders to help them connect with their goals, be more open, and build trust and collaboration. The result: a much greater ability to be a force for change in their communities, countries and around the world.
In short, it is home to organizations, individuals and families from around the world who are reinventing how to address the most vulnerable needs of our society. It gives blog members the tools and knowledge to understand unique holistic approaches to fostering collaboration, building trust, and implementing change processes that contribute to scale and sustainability of social impact. The approach of this blog uses several elements to improve individual and collective efficiency in solving complex problems: individual, systemic, bridging and collaborative thinking.

Practical and effective fundraising tips for NGOs

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This step may seem obvious, but you should start off with a clear idea of what you’re raising funds for, your goal, and your work capacity…

How To Create A Marketing Strategy For NGOs

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Creating a marketing strategy on your social networks does not have to be complicated. Here we explain that there are several extra strategies on how to grow your NGO

Tools For An Orientation Towards Effects And Impacts

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A project and even an NGO have their justification for the effects and impacts they are trying to generate. The Management and monitoring should focus on results and impacts rather than activities and products. Recognize and analyze how individuals and grassroots groups or organizations take advantage…


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NGO-IDEAs basically conceive of people with their visions, reflections and capacities to make decisions and face challenges. The Differentiated Analysis of Well-being – ADIB, is the first tool that defines well-being and measures it participatively…


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The Collective Change (CC) tool is used to identify objectives that a group intends to achieve as a whole, based on a collective vision of their future living conditions. Then, on a regular basis, you can measure to what extent they have achieved these goals and what contributed to this change.


The purpose of this tool is to sensitize individuals to set their own short-term and long-term goals. These goals will guide your actions and help you monitor the extent to which each group member or household is progressing toward those goals.


With the NGO-IDEAs tools, it is possible to plan and monitor the changes proposed by the people or groups with whom the project works directly. In general, they are changes in attitudes, behaviors and knowledge that are in your hands:


Analysis and Reflection on Changes (ARCO) is a tool used for in-depth analysis of the effects and impacts of the NGO’s work. ARCO is not a new process of generating information, the main thing is to achieve a new process of analysis and reflection, for which the data and assessments that have already been obtained are used.

Online tools to manage your projects and boost your NGO

Online tools for NGOs

The purpose of this tool is to sensitize individuals to set their own short-term and long-term goals. These goals will guide your actions and help you monitor the extent to which each group member or household is progressing toward those goals.

How to make the strategic plan for your NGO

Most people believe that strategic planning is just thinking of strategies for a certain period of time and that it is enough to achieve the goals of your organization.

Increased donor retention and recurring donations

Donor retention is all about making the most of your existing pool of supporters. Learn how improving your relationship with your donors can improve your nonprofit’s bottom line.

Increase Charitable Donations With These 5 Words

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The actions and trends that drive charitable donations are always changing. In this post, we’ll cover five words that can increase donations, why these words work, and how to incorporate them into your nonprofit marketing, direct appeals, website, and donation form.

Creating a foundation Practical Guide

The establishment of a foundation channeling resources is a challenge creativity, which includes considerable «re-invention of the wheel» and the investment of time and resources on the part of the people and organizations involved. When the staff, the board of directors and/or the founders have access to information about the practices and strategies that have given results in other foundations, can Take advantage of this experience to increase your own chances of success.

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To help you in your work we have created a simple and practical guide that will help your organization, we hope it will be useful.

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This platform works in search of different volunteering experiences. By starting a blog with us, you will have the opportunity to find volunteers directly from your organization’s page. This platform allows volunteers to find you and sign up to volunteer with you.

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We will plan a strategic plan that best suits each organization in order to automate a funnel of donors

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