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About us

FUNDAVIRGUA is a team of Faith volunteers, committed to requesting aid and donations from different collection centers located anywhere in the world, to help communities with limited resources, as well as our recognized hospitals :. The Agustín Zubillaga Pediatric Hospital, the Antonio María Pineda Hospital. The Seguro Pastor Oropeza among others located in our Larense entity.


Our mission

It consists of collecting Medicines, prescription and non-prescription, medical supplies, hospital non-perishable food, clothing, shoes, toys, sheets, blankets, towels, personal hygiene items, school supplies, nutritional food, diapers forchildren and adults, survival kits and much more.

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We are a team

We are a multidisciplinary non-profit team committed in the Venezuelan territory to provide assistance for individual cases, channel assistance for cases that we are receiving daily to request any medication or any important requirement.

With commitment

FUNDAVIRGUA will be there to give and receive aid that will allow us to alleviate the humanitarian crisis that is being experienced in some sectors of the Larense population. Initially we will begin by collecting the donations in various collection centers and provide the necessary logistics for their free distribution in the population, these donations will be directed to non-profit institutions. Directly with the applicant who demonstrates having the required need, making sure that everything received reaches its correct destination for free, verifying and following up on its delivery documentation, with receipts, photos, videos, and finally disseminate it on our networks social giving their respective copies to give recognition to those who support and contribute. We recognize that we cannot do this alone, which is why we join forces in different parts of the world to achieve our goals.

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What a rewarding year – Going from 30K in January to 400K in December! Thank you for your trust and support, this is what makes us grow  We plan to push forward until every #WordPress user knows there’s no better way to design than #Elementor.


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