UnDiaParaDar Venezuela You still have time to help

UnDiaParaDar Venezuela is aworldwide movement that seeks to encourage and multiply actions of solidarity and fraternity Between people. Celebrate the International Day of Give, the Tuesday after Black Friday, the Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day. This form, #UndiaparaDar opens the season December of support and empathy for others.

UnDiaParaDar venezuela

Since its inaugural year in 2012, #UndiaparaDar has has become a movement that celebrates and supports donation and philanthropy with events throughout throughout the year and a growing catalog of resources.

En 2022, a medida que el movimiento sigue creciendo, más de 60 países de todo el mundo están liderando sus propios movimientos #UndiaparaDar (Giving Tuesday) creando sus propias iniciativas para fomentar la donación en sus comunidades.

En el 2017 Venezuela se suma a esta celebración internacional con la participación de organizaciones no gubernamentales y asociaciones sin fines de lucro, en la actualidad nuestro país necesita más que nunca de la unión de todos para poder resistir los embates de la crisis que atravesamos, por eso te invitamos a unirte a nuestro movimiento. Este Giving Tuesday 2022 se celebrará el 30 de noviembre, todos los países unidos para recaudar recursos de todo tipo: Dinero, Alimentos, Ropa, Juguetes, Medicamentos, Libros, Servicios, Voluntariado, Servicios, Insumos, Cualquier cosa que sea útil para la acción social


UnDiaParaDar venezuela "Solidarity is our virtue"

About this campaign
Our objective: It is to improve the quality of life of needy people who live on the streets or in precarious homes in Venezuela, giving priority to the elderly, mothers and children; build a house with dining rooms for the elderly; and children in need, also providing them with moral formation and spiritual guidance.

Object of our campaign

We need your support URGENTLY!
We need to raise funds to start the project of building a free house and dining rooms to help many needy people on the streets, pregnant teenage mothers, vulnerable older adults and babies in need. desperately. Make a donation today or share our fundraising link with friend, family using your social media platforms to raise awareness about our work and Campaign for the construction of dining rooms to distribute food in various places in Venezuela Thank you!


Navidad, un momento perfecto para donar a una ONG

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It doesn’t have to involve a year-round commitment. You can take advantage of these holidays to make a one-time donation with some extra money you have.

Have you gotten together with two identical gifts ?: It seems that the Magi and Santa Claus do not always agree and now you have two identical gifts … You will have to return one and if you want, choose to give it to someone who needs it. And it is incredible how much you can help with your heart and good will

Even if it is only once, your donation will also have a tax benefit, since you can deduct up to 75% of the donation on your next income statement. We already know that this tax benefit is not (nor should it be) the motivation to help, of course, but we want you to know everything that can benefit you. If you donate before the end of the year, your donation will be tax deductible in the next fiscal year.