Donations … We guide nonprofits into the digital age to get help from potential donors.

We created this powerful and practical fundraising platform that is free for nonprofits and easy for donors to use.

We lead into the digital age, help them reach their fundraising goals, and free them to dedicate more resources for their critical work.

But they also face internal challenges, especially related to fundraising technology.

Many nonprofits truggle to adapt, even as the number of donors donating online is increasing at an exponential rate.

Fundraising technology can be expensive, and attracting donors in a crowded digital world is easier to implement if we put in place a great strategy and work on the go, making improvements with every step.

Gift .. We create custom campaign pages

We launched fundraising campaigns with beautiful, customizable and responsive donation pages that we monitor for good returns.

Donations .. Our motivation


We support the values that inspire nonprofits to tackle tough challenges like gender equality, human rights, social and racial justice and more.

In Venezuela, getting donations for non-governmental organizations is often a challenge and a real headache, so we saw a way to promote non-profit organizations and took action.

help ..Our objetive

It’s helping nonprofits of all sizes take advantage of the digital fundraising movement we offer, dramatically enhancing the experience of giving to everyone – nonprofits and donors. We mentioned that we give our platform to non-profit organizations for free. By providing free services, we enable nonprofits to dedicate more funds to their missions and find comfortable seats on the digital fundraising plane.

People like you donate to charitable causes to support our charitable activities each year. Why do people donate money to charities like Fundaci贸n loves your neighbor? Why Your annual charitable contributions support a variety of good causes, change lives and make a difference in the communities of various states of Venezuela in the fight against poverty and in many ways decrease immigration to other countries due to the despair caused by hunger

We are convinced that the data must be private, secure and not for sale or compromised.

Generosity is a valuable quality. You must never give in. That’s why we take privacy, security and transparency very seriously. With both donors and non-profit organizations, we follow the appropriate measures to protect data and maintain the privacy and security of what should remain private and secure.

This includes our commitment not to collect or sell any data without permission, while keeping personal information secure, responding to urgent situations, and staying true to our nonprofit-inspired values and principles.

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