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All over the world there are always people who have something to donate and every gift of generosity we give serves to help those most in need.

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Giving Gift of Clothes for Poor Children from Venezuela

Giving. Christmas is a time to enjoy the people you love, full of sweets, foods, parties and gifts. But these last days of the year are also an opportunity to receive something more, a lesson in. How? Help the poorest and on Christmas Eve thank God for the opportunity he has given us

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Giving Gifts of treats, cereal supplies, and vitamins.

Giving. Letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men, request for Christmas gifts for children who, in addition to having the sad history of being poor, have also had to suffer the limitations and restrictions of covid-19, you have to entertain them and convey affection. To them. What can you contribute as a volunteer! for example: umides Christmas gifts.

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Giving Christmas trees and toys for poor children

Giving. These funds are destined to a solidary cause that is the purchase of Christmas gifts, clothes, vitamins, for children whose parents do not have the economic resources in the poorest communities of our country.

Time does not stand still make your gift for the poor children of Venezuela


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A time of year begins where shopping and consumerism are the main protagonists, a time in which inequalities increase and waste assails us at every step. But, did you know that there are solidarity gifts and that we can also give for the poor? Discover these solidarity gifts:
1. Become a «volunteer»
Tell someone: «I hear you.» I give you understanding, with this solidarity gifts I know you need it


Don't miss the opportunity to help!

Hey? This is a really good gift! There is nothing greater than that in life.

Special christmas gift for poor girls in venezuela


Sometimes donating a toy is a sign of humanity, it is a hug that with the right words releases stress, reduces anxiety and strengthens the hearts of poor children in Venezuela. Let’s hug these kids tight! Accept and avoid depression. We do not realize how important physical contact is, for these children we are so absorbed in maintaining pride and selfishness that we do not realize that it destroys our humanism by incessantly separating ourselves from compassion and love for others. .

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