Ukraine needs your help!

Ukraine needs your help!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered the largest and most vertiginous exodus since World War II. More than 1.5 million people have entered the neighboring country since March 2, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In Spain, the autonomous community provides nearly 4,000 shelters for Ukrainians, including beds for unaccompanied minors in municipalities, NGOs, family homes and public entities. Many people are wondering what they can do to help the Ukrainian people at home. Donating to humanitarian aid NGOs, voluntarily collecting essential products and medicines or taking in refugee children are some of the options.

Ukraine urgently needs help
Ukraine urgently needs help
Ukraine urgently needs help

Ukraine urgently needs your help!

Make a donation to a humanitarian aid NGO

Currently, donation is the most necessary option. The war continues and the safety of thousands of children is in danger. various NGOs have launched emergency programs to care for 45,000 people in Ukraine. With the arrival of a large number of displaced people in the west of the country, the organization provides support to children and families from other areas with basic needs. The donations will go towards essential packages, including warm clothes, hygiene items and food. «We are still doing medical diagnoses to see what their needs are and, of course, giving them psychological support,» explained a spokesperson, Monica Revera, in Brovary and Lugansk. The first 40 children from the city arrived in Poland after the beginning of March. .

Donation to Red Cross

It cares for civilians, provides basic needs and medical care, and works to restore essential services like water supplies. In addition, the NGO has provided Ukrainians residing in Spain with a form to find family members who have lost contact since the conflict began. The organization has opened a fundraising channel to provide aid to those affected by the disaster.

Unicef donation

Unicef ​​​​has launched a campaign to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine, with a donation through its website. The escalation of hostilities in Ukraine poses an immediate threat to the lives and well-being of the country's 7.5 million children. The children's situation is desperate! Explosive weapons in populated areas and explosive remnants of war are a real and ongoing danger to children in Ukraine, vulnerable to injury or death.

Help homeless people NGO love your neighbor

Today, many families have children who attend their schools without having received anything to eat for breakfast and many go to bed at night without receiving dinner. The problem of malnutrition that affects many of these little ones sometimes prevents them from being able to concentrate on their studies. On the other hand, many schools have staff who also suffer from malnutrition. The situation has become increasingly alarming and we need your generosity to offer a solution to such a worrying crisis.

Ven con nosotros

It has been supporting the reception of Ukrainian children for 26 years and now responds to all inquiries made due to the current situation. The organization has a list of associations dedicated to fostering children in Spain. We are a non-profit Development NGO at the state level. Our funds are dedicated exclusively to the fostering, in Spanish families, of Ukrainian children from orphanages and disadvantaged families and to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Since 1994 we have carried out more than 900 foster care.

give association

has created the SOS Ukraine campaign to help refugees. You have to fill out an application form. Requests are sent to a supervisor at the volunteer center in the host city, who will contact the person for advice. At all times, helping the neighbor has been considered a virtue that deserves respect and the desire to be part of it. Today, our neighbor is the Ukrainian people, who need support and the Dar association is not left out. If you also want to contribute and support our work, click on "I want to help".

Donation Save the Children

Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, working with the most vulnerable children. Since the beginning of the conflict we have already helped more than 400,000 boys and girls. We are creating a reception network for Ukrainian refugees on the border of nearby countries (Romania, Poland and Lithuania). We focus on humanitarian aid. We distribute basic food, blankets to combat the cold and emergency kits. We provide safe spaces for children and psychological care to help them overcome the trauma caused by experiences of conflict and violence.

together for life

Since 1994 we have carried out foster care programs for children from Chernobyl, which since 2016 have been extended to the Donbass area. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have been the first NGDO to go to the field to carry out humanitarian aid and evacuate refugees. We have already removed more than 1,000 refugees.

NGO Childhood of Nad

Our mission is to help develop a program for the temporary reception of minors in Spain. These children who live in disadvantaged conditions, affected by the Chernobyl crisis, broken families or orphans. Spanish families for three months in summer and one month in winter (Christmas) welcome these children, with the primary intention of filling them with love, providing serenity and support, creating the expectation of living in better conditions.

Families in Ukraine need your help

All organizations We work to ensure that all people who have fled violence,

Ukraine needs your help!!.

“All organizations We work to ensure that all people who have fled violence, persecution, war or disaster in their homes have the right to seek refuge and find a safe haven.

Ukraine needs you today

According to the UN

Ukraine needs your help!!.

According to the UN, a million people left Ukraine in the first seven days of the war with Russia. Given the severe impact on the civilian population, the six non-governmental organizations that make up the Emergency Committee (SOS Children’s Villages, Educo, Doctors of the World, Oxfam Intermón, Plan International and World Vision) called on all parties involved to promote peace . . . and prevent new casualties in armed conflict.

Ukraine urgently needs help

Ukraine needs your help!!.

“The whole world looks at the war in Ukraine with fear, but also with solidarity. There are countless stories of entire families mobilizing to help Ukrainians flee the Russian invasion. However, in a protracted conflict, coordination in humanitarian aid is essential.”

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